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Beauty Salon Italy Cuticles Pomade 50ml

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Beauty Salon Italy Cuticles Pomade 50ml

 Softening pomade for cuticles expressly formulated to repair and soothe the dry and dehydratated skin around the nail. Thanks to the emollient and moisturizing features of Sweet almonds oil and Vitamin E acetate, it softens the cuticles making the edge of the nail smooth and polished. Essential during manicure since it simplifies and eliminates the stage, sometimes painful, of the detachment and the elimination of hard skin for a perfect result. In addition, the content of azulene gives a soothing effect, useful for eliminating redness and irritation in a sensitive area as that of the nails contour; the content of the Mint essential oil makes the oc_product refreshing and pleasant in the application. It leaves the skin soft and protected. Directions for use: apply the pomade on the nail contour. Wait for a few seconds for the cuticles to soften and mold with the apposite yellow stick. If the cuticles can’t be shaped, cut the excess with the gouge. Clean the nails with the tonic or tepid water. Active principles: Sweet Almonds Oil, Vitamin E Acetate, Azulene, Mint Essential Oil, Alpha Bisabolol.

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